Princeton Online

Welcome to Princeton Online!

Princeton Online is the home of massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) offered through Princeton University's initiative in online education. We partner with faculty members who would like to expand the scope and impact of their teaching by offering their course to a world audience. We also work with faculty to create online content to enhance their courses for Princeton University students. Our goal is to provide exceptional educational opportunities to learners on our campus, and around the globe! 

Princeton Online started out in 2012, when we launched six courses on the online learning platform Coursera. Since then, Princeton faculty have created about 30 courses on a variety of academic topics, and reached some 3 million learners in over 190 counties. In addition to our offerings on Coursera, we also have a number of courses on edX and one course on Kadenze.

Princeton Online's courses are free and not for credit. For more information about each course, please visit Our Courses.

Princeton’s initiative in online education is located in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning as part of the Center's mission of promoting educational excellence. More information about this initiative and resources for faculty interested in online teaching are also located on the McGraw website.