Analytic Combinatorics

Analytic Combinatorics is based on formal methods for deriving functional relationships ongenerating functions and asymptotic analysis treating those functions as functions in the complex plane. This course covers the symbolic method for defining generating functions immediately from combinatorial constructions, then develops methods for directly deriving asymptotic results from those generating functions, using complex asymptotics, singularity analysis, saddle-point asymptotics, and limit laws. The course teaches the precept "if you can specify it, you can analyze it".



Robert Sedgewick
Robert Sedgewick
William O. Baker Professor of Computer Science

Robert Sedgewick was the founding chair of the Department of Computer Science. Prof. Sedgewick also served on the faculty at Brown University and has held various visiting research positions. Prof. Sedgewick's interests are in analytic combinatorics, algorithm design, the scientific analysis of algorithms, curriculum development, and innovations in the dissemination of knowledge. He has published widely in these areas and is the author of several books.