In Session

Title Instructor(s)
Logo of the corse Global History of Capitalism since 1919 Teal Arcadi, Caitlin Harvey, Rob Konkel, Felice M. Physioc, Niharika Yadav, Miles I. Macallister
Networks Illustrated logo Networks Illustrated: Principles without Calculus Mung Chiang, Christopher Brinton
Globe with text 20Q bout networks Networks: Friends, Money and Bytes Mung Chiang
Logo with map and compass Global History Lab Jeremy Adelman
Paradoxes of War logo The Paradoxes of War Miguel A. Centeno
Algorithms logo Algorithms, Part II Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne
Statue of Buddha Buddhism and Modern Psychology Robert Wright
Computer Architecture logo Computer Architecture David Wentzlaff
Other Earths logo Imagining Other Earths David Spergel
Algorithms logo Algorithms, Part I Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne
key in upper left corner, bitcoin logo in right corner and flow chart across bottom of screen Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Arvind Narayanan
Effective Altruism logo with image of Peter Singer Effective Altruism Peter Singer