Learn world history with students at Princeton and refugees in Uganda and Jordan!

Aug. 29, 2019

The Global History Lab, a free, online course, allows you to learn word history together with Princeton undergraduates, students at Sciences Po in Paris, Panteion University in Greece, Kepler University in Rwanda, and refugees in settlements in Uganda and Jordan. 

The course surveys the major themes of the history of the world since 1300. Taught by Professor Jeremy Adelman, it examines the phases of global integration and disintegration from the Silk Road and the conquests of Genghis Kahn to the end of the Cold War and globalization in our times. In addition to watching the online lectures, all students analyze weekly case studies with primary documents and share their findings in a common course Gallery. By encouraging collaboration across divides, this course is a unique experiment in higher education in the service of humanitarian goals.