Janet Monge

Visiting Professor of Anthropology, Princeton University
Associate Curator and Keeper, Physical Anthropology Section, University of Pennsylvania Museum
Adjunct Professor, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

Janet Monge (Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania 1991) has undertaken fieldwork in many locations in Europe, Kenya, and Australia. Her primary interest is in the development of methodologies to study developmental processes in the formation of the human dentition. Focus areas are in the human fossil record, most specifically in the emergence of unique features of modern dental features, and in human variation both in deep evolutionary time and among more recent archaeological human populations. Techniques of analysis applied to these issues include CT, microCT, SEM, radiography and light microscopy. She has worked in Kenya since 1997 in the analysis of human skeletal materials from the Swahili Coast. Her contributions include skeletal growth and development, paleopathology, metric and non-metric features of the dentition, cranial and postcranial morphology. She teaches courses in Human Evolution and Adaptation, the Anthropology of Death, Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology. She has been engaged in many forensic case studies involving skeletal, burned, mutilated and mummified human remains. Her interests include physical anthropology, human evolutionary studies, skeletal biology; forensic anthropology, human biological variation, bio-archaeology, East Africa and Europe. Janet Monge is currently the Keeper and Associate Curator at the Physical Anthropology Section in the Penn Museum and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Anthropology.